Selected press coverage of World Martini Day®

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World Martini Day 2021

Below is a list of articles, press coverage and blogs all about World Martini Day® 2021:

  1. What's Katie Doing? How to celebrate World Martini Day 2021

    "Well Gin a Day May 2021 went quickly and now we are in June, with World Gin Day and World Martini Day just around the corner. I suggest that you start off celebrating with a gin and tonic on June 12th which is World Gin Day and then work up to a ‘real’ martini for World Martini Day on June 19th. Read on to find out all about World Martini Day 2021!"

    Katie Hughes
    , 5 June 2021

  2. Spirits Beacon: A Worthy Chalice

    "It's a classic shape for a reason - the long stem keeps warm hands away from perfectly chilled drinks, while the wide mouth is intended to showcase a cocktail’s aromatic bouquet."

    Olivier Ward, 9 June 2021

  3. Spirits Kiosk: World Martini Day Pairings

    "At first glance, Martinis are deceptively simple. Look closer though and you’ll find that the search for an impeccably made Martini combines cocktail making skills, pairing the right gin to vermouth, carefully choosing glassware and accentuating the drink with a precise garnish. They may not be hard to make, but Martinis are an endless source of tinkering to fine tune into perfection."

    Olivier Ward & Sara Jane Davis, 10 June 2021

  4. The Gin Shelf: Meet the Makers: #WorldMartiniDay Part 1: Julian Vallis

    "Some opportunities are once in a lifetime and not to be missed. But it’s not always a lesson that I’ve been quick to learn…"

    Matt Burton, 12 June 2021

  5. Nip of Courage: World Martini Day - how to order a martini like a movie star

    "From Bond and Monroe to Deuce Bigalow, the martini has always had a suave elegance that matches the silver screen. And you feel that movie glamour when you order one at the bar. Here are our tips for ordering a martini like a film star."

    Jimmy & Christina Butcher, 14 June 2021

  6. The Gin Cooperative Martini Guide

    "With a staggering number of variations and bar by bar versions of the Martini, for those looking to dip into the ice cold martini glass, it can be daunting. A good martini can set you up for life as an admirer. With World Martini Day just around the corner, we’re delving into the different elements that you should consider on your Martini journey."

    Martin & Natalie Reid, 15 June 2021

  7. The Gin Shelf: Meet the Makers: #WorldMartiniDay Part 2: Locksley Distilling Co.

    "The Martini. Hailed as the ‘King of Cocktails’, it is a serve that on the surface appears so simple. After all, at its foundation level it is a drink comprised of just two ingredients; gin and vermouth. Right?…Right??!…"

    Matt Burton, 16 June 2021

  8. Gin Magazine: World Martini Day - Seven Martini Cocktail Variations to Know

    "Always held on the third Saturday in June, World Martini Day is designed as a celebration for everyone, from gin drinkers to hospitality venues and distillers, to celebrate this iconic cocktail."

    Bethany Whymark, 17 June 2021

  9. City A.M.: Where to enjoy a Martini in London for World Martini Day

    "The Martini is universally exalted. It’s subject of countless quotes and lore from Ernest Hemingway to Dorothy Parker; it’s a tool of politicians from Roosevelt to Churchill and even served to Stalin at Yalta; and it was lent yet more glamour from being the tipple of choice of Ian Fleming’s best known character. It even became a kind of shorthand for the Madison Avenue lifestyle in the 60s and 70s in the infamous 'three martini lunch'."

    Julian Vallis, 17 June 2021

  10. The Gin Cooperative: Celebrating World Martini Day

    "Its place in popular culture was secured when a spy uttered the immortal words ‘shaken, not stirred’. And although the correct method is indeed ‘stirred not shaken’, the Martini cocktail and all its siblings – the vesper, the gibson, the breakfast and the dirty, along with countless variations and takes – is cocktail royalty."

    Martin & Natalie Reid, 18 June 2021