Selected press coverage of World Martini Day®

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World Martini Day

Below is a list of articles, press coverage and blogs all about World Martini Day®:

  1. ES Magazine
    Douglas Blyde, ES Magazine, 10 June 2022

  2. Why the classic Martini has stood the test of time
    Martin & Natalie Reid,, June 2022

  3. Unique New Cocktails For World Martini Day 2022
    Joanne Shurvell, Forbes, June 2022

  4. What's Katie Doing? How to celebrate World Martini Day 2021
    Katie Hughes, 5 June 2021

  5. Spirits Beacon: A Worthy Chalice
    Olivier Ward, 9 June 2021

  6. Spirits Kiosk: World Martini Day Pairings
    Olivier Ward & Sara Jane Davis, 10 June 2021

  7. The Gin Shelf: Meet the Makers: #WorldMartiniDay Part 1: Julian Vallis
    Matt Burton, 12 June 2021

  8. Nip of Courage: World Martini Day - how to order a martini like a movie star
    Jimmy & Christina Butcher, 14 June 2021

  9. The Gin Cooperative Martini Guide
    Martin & Natalie Reid,, 15 June 2021

  10. The Gin Shelf: Meet the Makers: #WorldMartiniDay Part 2: Locksley Distilling Co.
    Matt Burton, 16 June 2021

  11. Gin Magazine: World Martini Day - Seven Martini Cocktail Variations to Know
    Bethany Whymark, 17 June 2021

  12. City A.M.: Where to enjoy a Martini in London for World Martini Day
    Julian Vallis, 17 June 2021

  13. The Gin Cooperative: Celebrating World Martini Day
    Martin & Natalie Reid, 18 June 2021