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We believe that everyone has an element of exceptionalism inside of them and that people should embrace this quality, as it is this that makes them exceptional and not typical, and what better way to celebrate than with an exceptional spirit to match...

...because in our dictionary ‘The Usual’ is just another word for boring.

Weapons of Mass Seduction

THIS IS A LIMITED EDITION RELEASE FROM OUR "WEAPONS OF MASS SEDUCTION SERIES": straight from the John Robert's Botanic Request Liquid Lab and released exclusively for World Martini Day. THE 100ML BUTTERED WASHED SALTED MARTINI (31.1%ABV) 

This is a pre batched martini designed to be poured straight up and straight from the freezer once chilled to perfection. 

This is not your typical martini, as for us "The Usual" is just another word for boring. 

We have butter washed our exceptional London dry gin with the purest clarified ghee, along with a tiny dash of simple syrup giving this spirit a creamy indulgent mouth feel like no other. We have then seasoned the martini with a salt solution, the same way a chef would season a soup; to enhance the liquids flavour profile and balance.

WEAPONS OF MASS SEDUCTION: is a limited release series, so be sure to get your hand on one in time for WORLD MARTINI DAY®... because once it's gone... its GONE!

ALLERGEN NOTE: This spirit has had contact with butter and contains traces of dairy

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