World Martini Day 2024

An independent global celebration of the Martini Third Saturday in June - 15 June 2024 - #WorldMartiniDay

What is World Martini Day?

World Martini Day® is an independently organised global celebration of the Martini, and for bars, brands and everyone to celebrate this wonderful cocktail.

Visit participating bars who's expert bartenders will make you a great Martini and use the #WorldMartiniDay hashtag.

Experience participating brands who's amazing ingredients create wonderful Martinis.

Date: 3rd Saturday in June - 15 June 2024

Location: Global


World Martini Day® is the only official day to celebrate Martinis.

In 2021, we formalised the campaign to reflect the global audience for Martinis under World Martini Day. Please update all references to National Martini Day or International Martini Day to World Martini Day.

The date was also changed to support hospitality recovering from COVID-19 to help them sell Martinis with global promotional support on a peak weekend evening to always be the third Saturday in June. World Martini Day is no longer celebrated on June 19 during arbitrary working days.