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What is World Martini Day?

World Martini Day™ is a global celebration of the King of Cocktails. It's held on the third Saturday of June every year.

Visit participating bars who's expert bartenders will make you a great Martini.

Experience participating brands who's amazing ingredients create wonderful flavours.

Find like-minded Martini fans the world over all around the Martini.

Date: 19 June 2021

Location: Global

Martini Quote

“I should never have switched from scotch to martinis.”

Humphrey Bogart


Every year, on the third Saturday in June, World Martini Day™ is celebrated internationally in bars and at home.

World Martini Day™ is a global celebration of all things Martini, a day when consumers can discover the amazing interpretations of this wonderful cocktail and learn how it's the King of Cocktails.

World Martini Day™ is a trademark and organised by Martini Club, themselves a club where members can learn, find Martini Palaces, join, share ideas with friends, and participate in events around the world.

Visit Martini Club here


During World Martini Day™, participating bars offer Martinis for people to try both experimental Martinis as well as showing the ropes with classic serves.

If you are a bar who wishes to participate in World Martini Day™ simply follow these instructions:

  1. Email us at at [email protected] with details of your Martini menu for the day including price, any charitable fraction and optionally, ingredients.
  2. How consumers will find and experience the Martinis you serve (website, social media or address/location).
  3. We classify bars either as a 'Martini Bar' or a 'Martini Palace'. Any bar serving Martinis on World Martini Day™ is a Martini Bar. To be classified a 'Martini Palace', please provide evidence of serving world-class Martinis for the last 3 years (this can be old menus or a blog/social media post from a respectable influencer or press). Also, please provide 3 reviews from respectable influencers, including at least one being in a major press publication.

While World Martini Day™ for consumers is entirely about the drink, for bars it is also about charity. We promote the idea of brands supporting hospitality and for hospitality to show off what it does best by providing consumers great Martinis, particularly in lieu of the pandemic.


World Martini Day™ is an especially great way for international brands such as gins, vodkas and vermouths to promote their products in Martinis for consumers.

Like other events, World Martini Day® is also about charity to support the hospitality industry and ensure our great bartenders around the world are supported and appreciated.

As Martinis are bartender-created concoctions, we do not promote brands directly for Martinis, but instead promote the notion of brands partnering with bars to provide consumers with a great World Martini Day™ celebration.

As such, if you're a brand who hasn't worked with a bar, and/or needs us to help you match-make a bar with your brand, please email us at [email protected] to see where we can help. We will note your affiliation with the bar for free, and for a small fee can display logo alongside the bar's listing on this site as a directory for World Martini Day™ for consumers to find, experience, learn and enjoy Martinis.

We also recommend you look at the requirements for bars to see whether your affiliated bar can be classified as a 'Martini Palace' or not.

Work with us

If you're a bar or brand and want to work with World Martini Day®, you must advise us at [email protected] in order to both get permission to use the World Martini Day® trademark, as well as promoting both your events and World Martini Day®.

World Martini Day™ is a trademark owned by Barspoon ltd, which operates both Martini Club and World Martini Day. In the process, we educate, gather and bring together a community of bars, brands and Martini lovers alike, to help educate and promote the wonderful world of the Martini and all of its derivatives.