World Martini Day

What Martini will you be enjoying tonight for #MartiniMonday?

What is World Martini Day?

World Martini Day® is an independently organised global celebration of the Martini, and for bars, brands and everyone to celebrate this wonderful cocktail.

Visit participating bars who's expert bartenders will make you a great Martini and use the #WorldMartiniDay hashtag.

Experience participating brands who's amazing ingredients create wonderful Martinis.

Date: 3rd Saturday in June - 18 June 2022

Location: Global

World Martini Day Gin 2021

World Martini Day® will invite a distiller every year to make a unique spirit in collaboration and related to Martinis.

We invited Locksley Distilling who are launching the very first official World Martini Day gin. This limited edition juniper bomb will satisfy all you Martini needs. Juniper is distilled two ways for layers of complex flavour along with vermouth distilled in the gin. If you are a juniper junkie, a Martini Maven or even a Gibson Geek, this one time only gin is not to be missed.

It is still available, and definitely not to be missed, because once it's gone, it's gone. Forever.

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